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The experts at Autohaus Frankfurt have decades of combined experience that allows us to fully understand the complex systems that work together in your vehicle. Using that knowledge and experience we can upgrade the existing components in your car to increase performance and handling, whether it be for street or track use. Our master technicians and performance experts work together to provide you with the most comprehensive software and hardware packages suited to your specific needs. Whether it is simple bolt-on performance, software tuning, or all-out project builds, Autohaus Frankfurt can provide you with what you need to build the car you’ve been dreaming of.

ECU Calibration

Autohaus Frankfurt partners with the biggest names in aftermarket tuning and software development. By utilizing our relationship with key leaders in the industry, we can offer our customers the most reliable software with the most exceptional power and driveability on the market. A software flash can be done on a completely stock unmodified car as well as modified cars with different stages of bolt-on performance. Unlock the true potential of your car with an engine or transmission software calibration.

Engine Rebuilds

Whether you are looking for a factory rebuild or performance-driven project build, Autohaus Frankfurt has the knowledge and expertise required to accomplish a wide variety of repairs and upgrades. With our high standard of workmanship, cleanliness, and attention to detail, you can take comfort in knowing the job will be done right the first time.

Suspension Tuning

We offer a variety of suspension upgrades. Whether you are simply lowering your car, or adding coil-overs, air bags, sway bars, adjustable links, camber plates, etc… We can easily accommodate any type of vehicle, from a street car, canyon warrior, or track day veteran.

Bolt-on Performance

Autohaus Frankfurt has years of experience with bolt-on performance upgrades including but not limited to turbo kits, intercoolers, superchargers, nitrous, water-meth injection, intakes, charge pipes, and exhaust. We use the highest quality parts and perform the highest quality installs to ensure proper fitment, cleanliness, and compatibility so that your parts will last and continue to perform without fail. We spend extra time perfecting what we do so that you get the most value out of what you pay for.

DINAN | Performance Tuning Solutions

At Dinan, their passion for European cars is seen in their dedication to producing and creating the most innovative and performance-driven aftermarket parts on the market. The serious enthusiasts turn to them because they appreciate their ability to make performance upgrades that outperform the rest of the aftermarket industry.

  • Impressive Performance
  • Superior Engineering
  • Unmatched Warranty
  • Performance Tuning Since 1979
  • Engine, Driveline and Chassis Tuning
  • Balanced Performance Systems

GIAC | Performance software

GIAC is a software engineering company with over 20 years of experience tuning cars. They are known for creating “factory smooth” performance software with exceptional power and reliability. Their software replaces the standard software in your car’s engine control unit. Performance-tuned programs are designed to dramatically increase torque and HP without sacrificing smooth drivability.

  • Ignition Timing
  • Fuel Delivery
  • Fuel Metering
  • Boost Settings
  • Rev Limiters
  • Speed Limiters

APR | Enhancing the Driving Experience

Founded in 1997, APR is the global leader in performance aftermarket products for Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, Skoda, Porsche, and other vehicles. APR develops and manufactures hardware, software, calibration & data-logging tools for engine and transmission controllers, including intakes, exhaust systems, intercoolers, turbocharger systems, suspension, brake systems, wheels, and more. APR delivers software via a 24-hour automated global delivery system from its 80,000 square foot state of the art facility in Opelika, Alabama.

  • Data Logging
  • Software & Hardware Packages
  • Porsche, Audi & Volkswagen
  • Warranty Options
  • Map Switching
  • Unmatched Customer Support

CarBahn Autoworks | Next Level Upgrades

When it comes to high-performance upgrades, Steve Dinan’s CarBahn Autoworks’ long history in racing and aftermarket upgrades make them the ultimate solution for the BMW and Mercedes enthusiast. Steve Dinan, founder of Dinan Engineering built the largest company in North America dedicated to BMW performance and has 11 championships to his name. Steve partnered with BMWNA in 1997 and became the only aftermarket vendor to sell their products directly from the dealership. When it comes to performance and reliability with an unmatched warranty you can be sure that CarBahn Autoworks has the best products born from their racing, engineering, and state of the art service expertise.

  • BMW & Mercedes Specialists
  • Durable Street Car Performance
  • Wide Range of Options
  • Long History in Racing
  • Proprietary High-performance Parts
  • State of the Art Diagnostics

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