Service Tips


27 Jul: Fuel Pump

Ever see the low gas light come on? Ever see it and saw “well I still can go x miles until I need to fill it up?” or ” I’ll be fine until tomorrow”? C’mon admit it…We have ALL done that!!

01 Jun: Summer, Summer, Summer, Time!!!

IIIIT’S SUMMER! School is out! The open road is ready for the taking! With the many possibilities of vacation spots, there is still nothing better than grabbing the kids, packing your bags and hitting the open road!


It is a new year which means we all make new year resolutions! We then decide to start becoming more healthy and hit the gym and eat better, try yoga, take up a new sport or even just make more time for family and friends. Out with the old- in with the NEW! Here at Autohaus Frankfurt...

04 Dec: Winter Wonderland

It’s about that time of the year again! You know what I’m talking about…It’s Christmas!!!!I know here in Southern California the weather might not always feel like Christmas time but it’s here!!! Speaking of weather...

29 Oct: Fall Fever

It’s FINALLY FALL!!!! I am so excited for the fall season! The heat is finally starting to subside and cool nights are here! We here at Autohaus Frankfurt are excited for the coming holidays! Halloween is right around the corner then hits winter!