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Cabin Air Filter

SOMETHING STINKS!!!! YUCK! What is that AWFUL smell seeping out the air vents in my car!?! I have to admit I am guilty of saying this a time or two. Lets talk filters. Cabin air filters to be exact. Have you ever had your technician recommend to have your cabin air filter replaced? How many of us really know what the purpose of this filter is? Well let me explain the important features of this replacement. Cabin air filter are made to capture pollutants and  any particles that go through your vehicles  a/c system into the cabin of your car.  Dirt, leaves, BUGS, you name it we have probably seen it. As the filter becomes more and more clogged it also will restrict the air flow from coming out of your vents when you turn the a/c on when the heat is too hot to handle. That’s also when the stinky smell comes. Yes in most German automobiles replacing your cabin air filters can get pretty pricey but the better your German automobile is kept up the happier you will be….and your senses :) At your next service give us a call at Autohaus Frankfurt and let us take care of your German automobile.