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Check Engine Light

Has that one dreadful symbol come on your dash? Yes the one we all never want to see…Check Engine Light!! I know one of the first reactions we all have when that dreaded symbol comes on in our German automobiles is ” Oh gosh! How much will this cost me!” But no need to fret. There is a reason for this light and I am very happy to have such a light. Yes it may end up being a costly repair, but what isn’t costly these days?  The automakers made this light to tell you “Hey! Something isn’t ticking just right. Please go get me looked at!” This light can mean a multitude of things. Maybe the gas cap wasn’t put on properly or the seal to the cap is getting old and allowing fumes to seep out. Which for us all would be our choice of repairs if we lived in a perfect world and would be able to chose our ailments. Few things to look out for when this light does appear is to notice how the vehicle is performing. Does it seem sluggish? Is it idling rough? Is your air conditioning or heater on? Or is there no difference when the light appeared? The more we know about the driving conditions the better we are able to try and duplicate the scenario in which this first happened. Reason why is because we at Autohaus Frankfurt take top priority and care with all of our clients vehicles. For every diagnosis you can expect more than just a scan of codes. We take the time and dedication in fully diagnosing and testing components in your vehicle. We take pride in our repairs and work for every customer. So come on by to Autohaus Frankfurt and let us take care of your German luxury automobile. We service all German vehicles: Mercedes Benz, BMW, Mini Cooper, Audi, Volkswagen, Porsche, Smart.

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