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Engine Air Filter

You’re in the repair shop having an oil change done on your German automobile. One of the replacement items that are being recommended to you is a replacement for your engine air filter. Engine air filter??? One the most replaced items of any vehicle are often the most put off repairs. So let me explain a few key factors as to why your engine air filter should be replaced when needed. The main purpose of the engine air filter is to clean and filter the outside air before it goes into the engine. Depending on the environment you reside in, will be one of the number one key factors as to how often this filter will get replaced. Having a dirty engine air filter will not allow your vehicle to perform properly. Causing wrong air/fuel mixture,  allowing particles to get into the carburetor and fuel. Which in return may cause serious damage.  Plus a clean engine air filter can help with keeping good gas mileage… And who wouldn’t want that?! Next time you’re in the repair shop with your German vehicle whether it be a BMW, Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen, or Audi (any vehicle at all) remember these key factors and have your engine air filter replaced. You’ll be glad you did!!

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