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With rising prices in practically everything, we all are constantly looking for ways to be able to save a buck or two. One of the biggest resources we use is also one of the biggest “burn a hole in my wallet” purchases. GASOLINE. Gasoline has skyrocketed to almost $5.00 a gallon if your putting in premium gasoline, with almost $60 dollars at each fill up ( estimated at if you fill up at half a tank ). Now put in if you are a daily driver with an hour or two one way… That’s a lot of gas. However, not using the recommended fuel in your vehicle can do some costly damage. Most German vehicles such as Mercedes Benz and BMW require premium gasoline of an octane rating of 91. Yes the most expensive gasoline at the pump, but it is used for the vehicles for a reason. Not putting in the right fuel can cause the vehicle to become sluggish and not perform to its highest potential. It also causes the vehicle to run too lean and too hot which in then can cause a pinging noise and also cause your vehicles catalytic converter to prematurely fail. Which in return can cause a “burn a hole in your wallet” scenario. German vehicles are designed with one of the best engineering, so why sacrifice your German luxury vehicle for a couple cents? Vehicles are an investment. Investing your time and using the right products will allow you to enjoy your German luxury vehicle to its fullest potential. At Autohaus Frankfurt we thrive on making your German luxury vehicle perform to its highest potential.

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